Saturday, February 4, 2012

About Me

Hello hello,

My name is Ariana Doyle and I am design student, with a focus on visual communications, at San Francisco State University. I am inspired by natural things, bright colors, bold lines, and simple design. I'm also extremely interested in animation and motion graphics and hope to gather experience in those fields too someday!

I have been greatly influenced, primarily, by my mother who is a graphic designer and artist. Growing up I would watch her paint and draw constantly, which really inspired me to pursue a career in a creativity driven field. I have high hopes for the future and a lot of plans. Part of my plan includes graduate school, but probably not for another two years at least. My dream job would be working for Pixar or another highly creative company that involves story telling and character development. I wouldn't mind working as a graphic designer, but I don't think I would be happy with a standard corporate job- creating things primarily for other people, such as advertising, etc. I also really love to travel and hope to see more places I've never been to in the future!

Creative /
Passionate / Sensitive / Ambitious / Idealistic / Stubborn (yikes!)

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